Why can’t I locate a token when searching the name of the token?

updated at 2018-11-14

If you cannot find the token when you search for a token by name, it may be that the token has not appeared in our token lists or the token name has been changed. Please click here to get how to search for and add a token.

imToken supports all tokens based on Ethereum platform that accord with ERC20 standard. With rapid development of Ethereum ecosystem, there is more than thousand of tokens accord with ERC20 standard, in order to make it easier for users to manage their own tokens,we will choose some papular tokens in community and add it to our token lists for searching,so you can’t find a token when we didn’t add it. But you can’t find it is not equal that imToken don’t support the token. As long as the token accord with ERC20 standard, imToken can show this token and make some transfers normally. By the way, all the tokens included in our search listings is just let users manage their tokens more convenient, it’s not audited by imToken, so you’d better not judging a token is good or not from it.


If you can’t find a token that is popular when you are searching, Please click here

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